ー Rustをプロダクトに利用している企業・プロジェクト等 ー

1aim : Modern, secure and universal access management.

360dialog : Most of our service consumers are written with Rust.

3DR : Rust handles communications through USB devices to critical components for Flight and our Mobile apps. : Turning strings into structured paper and author data, faster than Ruby.

Algorithmia : Rust algorithm development is a first-class citizen of our platform.

ANIXE : Building the next generation travel services trading platform in Rust.

AppSignal : Fast and robust monitoring agent for web applications.

Ather Energy : Sending scooter data to the cloud reliably.

Beget : As part of backup, resource management systems and DDOS mitigation

Calyptech : Used for high performance embedded system components as an alternative to C.

Canonical : Everything from server monitoring to middleware!

Ceph : Rust bindings for librbd, an interface into the Ceph storage platform.

Clever Cloud : We host Rust web applications, and a part of our infrastructure is developed in Rust.

CodePicnic : We provide Rust sandboxes people can play around with, as well as fork to expand examples and apps they want to.

Coturnix : Machine learning and optimization for minimizing energy consumption in buildings.

craft ai : Our core machine learning engine is written in Rust.

Dazta : Building intelligent financial product with Rust.

Delimiter : Rust powers our bare metal provisioning system.

ETCDEV Team : ETCDEV Team is a group of professional software engineers working full time on Ethereum Classic core projects.

GiGa infosystems GmbH : Rust serves us as our primary tool for rewriting our database for 3d geological models.

Gremlin Inc : Safely and efficiently causing controlled chaos.

Honeypot : We built and use Searchspot, a kind of search engine based on Elasticsearch. Recruiters use it to search for the developers they're looking for.

LINE : For a configuration agent.

Linki Tools : For testing and verification of toolchains.

MaidSafe : Building a decentralised data and communications network.

Mozilla : Building the Servo browser engine, integrating into Firefox, other projects.

npm, Inc : Replacing C and rewriting performance-critical bottlenecks in the registry service architecture.

OneSignal : High volume, cross platform push notification delivery.

OVH : We used Rust to build a high performance, highly available log management system.

Postmates : Rust is being incubated in the Infrastructure team to write system daemons.

PingCAP : Building a distributed key-value store with Rust and Raft. : Our backend (REST API) is a 100% Rust server, based on Iron.

Sandstorm : The backend of our Collections app is written in Rust.

slowtec : Our robust & reliable automation systems are entirely written in Rust.

SmartThings : Memory-safe embedded applications on our SmartThings Hub and supporting services in the cloud.

Spoqa : Our POS integration SDK is entirely written in Rust.

Stratum Security : Data exfiltration testing and Application Security.

Telenor Digital : Increasing performance and reliability of a concurrent webhook delivery service.

Tessel : Single-board computing platform supports Rust applications.

thoughtram : The backend of our training platform is 100 % Rust using

ThreatX : Threat X Web Application Firewall (WAF) and central analysis engine are written in Rust, facilitating real time analysis of high bandwidth web applications.

Tilde : Optimizing Skylight, the Rails profiler.

TrafficLand : Video transcoding, manipulation, and analysis.

Wire : Wire's Axolotl protocol implementation and other cryptographic and utility libraries are developed in Rust, then cross-compiled for iOS and Android.

Xero : Infrastructure for beautiful accounting software.

AdHawk : We use Rust to parse all of our User-Agent headers.

TreeScale : At TreeScale we are implemented distributed PubSub system using Rust and MIO, which gave us 8x performance on for processing and distributing Container Images : We have development tools, containerization, monitoring and orchestration systems in rust.