Rust Privacy Notice

Version 1.0, dated

The Rust Project oversees a number of projects, including the Rust website,, and This privacy notice explains what we do with personal information.

The Rust website at is a project of the Core team and the Community team.

Visitor logs:
When you visit, we receive your IP address as part of our standard server logs. We store these logs for 1 year. is managed by members of the and Rust core teams.

Logging in with GitHub: requires users to have a GitHub account in order to log in and use the service. When you log in to using a GitHub account, we receive your GitHub username and avatar. If you share a display name or public email address in your GitHub public profile, we also receive that information.

Email addresses:

You must have a verified email address to publish a crate. We receive any public email address associated with your GitHub account. You can also choose to submit a different address to associate with your activity. We will only use your email address to contact you about your account.

Visitor logs:

When you visit, we receive your IP address and user-agent header as part of our standard server logs. We store these logs for 1 year.

Information uploaded to crates:

All crates on are public, including the list of crate owners’ user names and the crate upload date. Anyone may view or download a crate’s contents. Because of the public nature of, any personal data you might include in a Cargo.toml file uploaded to a crate will be publicly available. For example, if an email address is in the `authors` field in the Cargo.toml file, that email address will also be public.

Due to its public nature, be aware if you include any private information in a crate, that information may be indexed by search engines or used by third parties. Sensitive information should not be included in a crate file.

Publication of site-related data: uses the Google Visualization API to create graphs for each crate showing downloads over the last 90 days. Those graphs can be seen at the bottom of each crate’s page. is managed by the members of the Rustdoc team and Rust core team. The project collects and uses data as described in this privacy notice. is an open source project to host documentation of crates for the Rust Programming Language. It automatically builds crates' documentation released on using the nightly release of the Rust compiler. All information from crates that is published on is also available publicly on


The Rust Community team administers the Users Forum and the Internals Forum. Posts on these forums are public. If you sign up to participate in these forums, we collect your email address and name. As administrators of the forum, we have access to usage information regarding your interactions with it, such as posts published and read, and time spent on the site.

Third-party Services

The Users Forum and Internals Forum on are hosted by Discourse and use its open source discussion platform. Discourse’s privacy policy is available here.

We use Mailgun to send email. Mailgun’s privacy policy is available here.

GitHub login is used for authentication in and (optionally) in the forums. GitHub’s Privacy Statement can be found here.

Some Rust team members use the Zulip and Discord platforms for community collaboration. Zulip’s privacy notice is available here. Discord’s privacy notice is available here.


For data subject access requests, or any questions about this privacy notice, please email support at

Alternatively, you may contact us at:

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Attn: Legal Notices - Privacy
331 E. Evelyn Ave,
Mountain View, CA 94041