How Rust is built by its community

RFC process

Each major decision in Rust starts as a Request for Comments (RFC). Everyone is invited to discuss the proposal, to work toward a shared understanding of the tradeoffs. Though sometimes arduous, this community deliberation is Rust’s secret sauce for quality.

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Leadership council

Charged with the success of the Rust Project as whole, consisting of representatives from top-level teams

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Compiler team

Developing and managing compiler internals and optimizations

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Dev tools team

Contributing to and creating the Rust development tools

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Infrastructure team

Managing the infrastructure supporting the Rust project itself, including CI, releases, bots, and metrics

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Language team

Designing and helping to implement new language features

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Library team

Managing and maintaining the Rust standard library and official rust-lang crates

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Moderation team

Helping uphold the code of conduct and community standards

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Working Groups

Async working group

Pursuing core language and library support for async-await

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Command-line interfaces (CLI) working group

Focusing on the end-to-end experience of writing terminal apps, both large and small, in Rust.

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Embedded devices working group

Focusing on improving the end-to-end experience of using Rust in resource-constrained environments and non-traditional platforms

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Game development working group

Focusing on making Rust the default choice for game development

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Rust by Example working group

Maintaining and updating the official Rust by Example book

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Secure Code working group

Making it easy to write secure code in Rust

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Security Response WG

Triaging and responding to incoming vulnerability reports

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Triage working group

Triaging repositories under the rust-lang organisation

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WebAssembly (WASM) working group

Improving on the end-to-end experience of embedding Rust code in JS libraries and apps via WebAssembly

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