Friends of Rust

(Organizations running Rust in production)

1aim : Modern, secure and universal access management.

360dialog : Most of our service consumers are written with Rust.

3DR : Rust handles communications through USB devices to critical components for Flight and our Mobile apps. : Turning strings into structured paper and author data, faster than Ruby.

Algorithmia : Rust algorithm development is a first-class citizen of our platform.

ANIXE : Building the next generation travel services trading platform in Rust.

AppSignal : Fast and robust monitoring agent for web applications.

Ather Energy : Sending scooter data to the cloud reliably.

Beget : As part of backup, resource management systems and DDOS mitigation

Calyptech : Used for high performance embedded system components as an alternative to C.

Canonical : Everything from server monitoring to middleware!

Ceph : Rust bindings for librbd, an interface into the Ceph storage platform.

Clever Cloud : We host Rust web applications, and a part of our infrastructure is developed in Rust.

CodePicnic : We provide Rust sandboxes people can play around with, as well as fork to expand examples and apps they want to.

Coturnix : Machine learning and optimization for minimizing energy consumption in buildings.

craft ai : Our core machine learning engine is written in Rust.

Dazta : Building intelligent financial product with Rust.

Delimiter : Rust powers our bare metal provisioning system.

ETCDEV Team : ETCDEV Team is a group of professional software engineers working full time on Ethereum Classic core projects.

GiGa infosystems GmbH : Rust serves us as our primary tool for rewriting our database for 3d geological models.

Gremlin Inc : Safely and efficiently causing controlled chaos.

Honeypot : We built and use Searchspot, a kind of search engine based on Elasticsearch. Recruiters use it to search for the developers they're looking for.

LINE : For a configuration agent.

Linki Tools : For testing and verification of toolchains.

MaidSafe : Building a decentralised data and communications network.

Mozilla : Building the Servo browser engine, integrating into Firefox, other projects.

npm, Inc : Replacing C and rewriting performance-critical bottlenecks in the registry service architecture.

OneSignal : High volume, cross platform push notification delivery.

OVH : We used Rust to build a high performance, highly available log management system.

Postmates : Rust is being incubated in the Infrastructure team to write system daemons.

PingCAP : Building a distributed key-value store with Rust and Raft. : Our backend (REST API) is a 100% Rust server, based on Iron.

Sandstorm : The backend of our Collections app is written in Rust.

slowtec : Our robust & reliable automation systems are entirely written in Rust.

SmartThings : Memory-safe embedded applications on our SmartThings Hub and supporting services in the cloud.

Spoqa : Our POS integration SDK is entirely written in Rust.

Stratum Security : Data exfiltration testing and Application Security.

Telenor Digital : Increasing performance and reliability of a concurrent webhook delivery service.

Tessel : Single-board computing platform supports Rust applications.

thoughtram : The backend of our training platform is 100 % Rust using

ThreatX : Threat X Web Application Firewall (WAF) and central analysis engine are written in Rust, facilitating real time analysis of high bandwidth web applications.

Tilde : Optimizing Skylight, the Rails profiler.

TrafficLand : Video transcoding, manipulation, and analysis.

Wire : Wire's Axolotl protocol implementation and other cryptographic and utility libraries are developed in Rust, then cross-compiled for iOS and Android.

Xero : Infrastructure for beautiful accounting software.

AdHawk : We use Rust to parse all of our User-Agent headers.

TreeScale : At TreeScale we are implemented distributed PubSub system using Rust and MIO, which gave us 8x performance on for processing and distributing Container Images : We have development tools, containerization, monitoring and orchestration systems in rust.

If your organization uses Rust in production and you want it listed on this page,
please open an issue and fill out the information requested therein.