Read how npm, who runs the JavaScript Registry of the same name, found Rust to be boring to deploy.

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Learn how Rust helps Tilde, makers of Skylight, use minimal resources to enable feature-rich performance monitoring of their customers’ applications.

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Several components of the Dropbox core file-storage system were written in Rust as one step in part of a larger project to pursue greater datacenter efficiency. It’s currently used by all Dropbox storage today, serving >500 million users.

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Yelp has developed a framework in Rust for real-time A/B testing. It’s used across all Yelp websites and apps, and experiment subjects range from UX to internal infrastructure. Rust was chosen because it’s as fast as C (cheap to run) and safer than C (cheap to maintain).

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Rust is dually licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 and the MIT license, making it suitable for all sorts of projects.

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